Ryan Reynolds Clues Us In On His Secret Hobby

Ryan Reynolds is a man if many talents onscreen: How else could he go from Van Wilder to Buried, Fifteen to The Proposal. But when we saw the beautiful photography book his R.I.P.D. co-star Jeff Bridges made on the set of the weird afterlife buddy cop flick, we wondered, does Ryan also have some kind of side career waiting in the wings?

“I love to write, but I don’t publish, he told VH1 earlier this week. “I write some memoir stuff that’s not necessarily true. It’s expanded versions of kernels of truth that happened when I was young. I have three older brothers, and each one of them is uniquely bizarre in their own way. They’re a wellspring of great stories.”

Hey, this seems like something more than a little hobby. Look out, David Sedaris.

“It sounds like there’s a script there, man,” Bridges commented.

Ooh, and if he added some “expanded” versions of stories about his love life, we’d definitely be hooked!

[Photo: Getty Images]