Forget Me Nots: 20 Scandalous Celeb Romances You Might Have Forgotten About

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Some celebrity couples are so legendary that we can’t forget about them: Liz & Dick, Brangelina, Hepburn & Tracy and Bennifer. But what about the trysts and romances between celebs that fall between the cracks? Just because the relationships between the celebs on our list are long over doesn’t mean that we should forget that their love was at one point real.

Sure, George Clooney is on the rebound from Stacy Keibler (and is making headlines for an alleged hookup with Eva Longoria), but that doesn’t change the fact that he and Renee Zellweger have had a an off and on heavy flirtation going since 2001. Part of the Heath Ledger mythos is his great tragic love with Michelle Williams, but his first sweeping Hollywood romance was with Heather Graham. And don’t forget that Emma Stone was swinging into the arms of Kieran Culkin before she met Andrew Garfield or that the delightful Josh Groban actually dated Mad Men’s January Jones.

It’s tough to keep track of who’s dating whom in Hollywood, but the 20 couples on our list should never be forgotten. Among them are scandals that have been buried, steamy trysts kept under wraps and star-crossed lovers who stayed crossed.

And, you know, some of these match ups are just plain weird.

Josh Groban dated January Jones!?!?!?!?!?

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