First Dibs: Will Glee Go On Next Year Without Cory Monteith?

Plus, all the Marvel news and rumors from Comic-Con! Take a sneak peak at Marvel’s new one-shot featuring Agent Peggy Carter! Is Aaron Taylor-Johnson going to be Quicksilver in Avengers 2? And why is Vin Diesel harping on and on about Marvel’s “Vision”?

  • In the wake of Cory Monteith’s death, Fox has pushed back the premiere of Glee by one week. There’s still no official word on how the show itself will address the loss of one of its key characters. [People]
  • Marvel unveiled a One-Shot at Comic-Con called Agent Carter. The short film focuses on Captain America’s wartime squeeze, Peggy Carter, and will be available on Iron Man 3 Blu-rays. [Entertainment Weekly]
  • Aaron Taylor-Johnson is already Kick-Ass, but is he also going to be an Avenger? Taylor-Johnson added more fuel to the rumors that he’s going to be playing Quicksilver. []
  • Vin Diesel also addressed rumors about being in a Marvel film by talking a LOT about the character known as Vision. So, will he be playing Vision in Avengers 2??? [MTV News]

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