Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley Give Us A Dirty Vampire Diaries Spoiler

There’s so much we want to know about the coming season of The Vampire Diaries, right? What the heck is going on with Stefan being Silas’ doppelganger? How will Katherine deal with being a human? What’s going to happen with Damon and Elena, especially now that Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder have broken up IRL? Well, when Ian and Paul Wesley stopped by the MTV Comic-Con they managed to tell us a little something about that. Or, well, no they didn’t. They gave you fodder for some twisted slash fic, actually.

But really, VH1 did get a minute with Kat Graham too, and she shared something about Bonnie’s life after death…

Kat Graham at Comic-Con

“She is a ghost,” Kat said of the witch. “She doesn’t have any powers that can be used in the human realm.”

And though she couldn’t say for sure, she does hope that in her scenes on the Other Side, we’ll get to see some other of TVD’s dearly departed.

“That’s what gets me so excited,” she said, “to see a lot of the characters that the audience has grown attached to and miss so much.”

Alaric, pretty please! But not skiing.

[Photo: VH1]