Bad News Boys: 10 Hot Celebrities Who Make Bad Boyfriends

We all fantasize about the celebrity romance: a rich and handsome (and famous) man sweeps you off your feet. He wines and dines you. You travel the world. Months later, your wedding announcement is on the cover of all the tabloid magazines. That’s all well and good, but fantasizing about these 10 Bad News Boys should maybe come with a warning label.

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Some of them, like Leonardo DiCaprio, are noted womanizers and party boys, while others have a history of heartbreaking (and being addicted to illegal substances) like Russell Brand. And then, you have a few who have allegedly beaten up their girlfriends–we’re looking at you, Chris Brown, as well as one or two other dastardly dudes on our list.

Now, we’re sure some of these guys would make a great platonic pal and that all of them have the possibility to turn over a new leaf, but for now none of them are boys you’d want to bring home to meet your mom. You know, if any of them would even be up for that.

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