Scruff Appeal: Guess Which Leading Men These Beards Belong To

We’ve tested your Hollywood knowledge by having you name naming celebrities just from looking at their legs and later their feet. Now, we are putting your knowledge of leading men to the test by having you figure out who owns which beard. These leading men have showcased their scruff appeal on and off the big screen. So let’s see if you can tell those hairy faces apart.

This leading actor is a beast on the big screen.

Answer: Hugh Jackman, who can next be seen the Wolverine sequel opening this weekend.

The Scottish actor recently showed off his red beard at Comic-Con.

Answer: James McAvoy, who was at Comic-Con to promote the upcoming X-Men film.

This actor tends to sport his beard in between appearances on the big screen.

Answer: Christian Bale, who tends to maintain various levels of facial hair during award season.

Last year, this actor sported a beard of Greek mythology proportions.

Answer: Russell Crowe, who rocked an epic beard in the summer of last year.

This supporting actor typically sports a clean-shaven look on the big screen.

Answer: Tom Hardy, who let his beard grow unruly last year.

This actor first came to our attention sporting the most epic of beards in a Zack Snyder film.

Answer: Gerard Butler, who typically maintains a scruffy look.

This actor is often mistaken for another man on this list.

Answer: Logan Marshall-Green, who many believe looks like Tom Hardy.

This actor has completely shed his kid actor persona with his unruly look.

Answer: Shia LaBeouf, who now prefers the “dirty hipster” look.

This leading man rarely sports a beard but certainly owns his salt-n-pepper look.

Answer: George Clooney, who showed off his gray beard at the Oscars earlier this year.

This actor surprised many with his bearded look during award season.

Answer: Ben Affleck, who sadly shaved his beard following this year’s Oscars.

This funny man probably sports one of the most epic beards in Hollywood.

Answer: Zach Galifianakis, who grew his beard back after shaving it on Saturday Night Live.

This actor went off the deep end when he let his facial hair grow unruly.

Answer: Joaquin Phoenix, who trimmed his beard and reminded us he wasn’t crazy following the release of I’m Still Here.

This man has a big presence on the small screen.

Answer: Peter Dinklage, who slays on Game Of Thrones.

There’s no denying this man’s wolf-like appeal.

Answer: Joe Manganiello, who heats up the small screen on True Blood.

This knight probably has the most iconic beard on the big screen.

Answer: Sir Ian McKellen, who portrayed Gandalf in the Lord Of The Rings series.

When he’s not wooing the ladies on the small screen he’s rocking a sexy beard.

Answer: Jon Hamm, who reminds us he’s not Don Draper.

This blue-eyed star surprisingly has some gray in his beard considering he’s not all that old.

Answer: Chris Pine, who at 32, rocks the salt-n-pepper look.

This actor occasionally shows off his scruff appeal with a beard.

Answer: Jake Gyllenhaal, who is an actor who looks sexier with facial hair.

This actor is probably the sexiest man on MTV right now.

Answer: Tyler Hoechlin, who helps bring the sex appeal to MTV’s Teen Wolf.

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