10 Non-Royal Celebrity Children With Royal Names

James, George, Jamiroquai? Now that Kate Middleton has popped, tons are eagerly monitoring their Twitter feeds for news of what the future king will be called. And if you have money invested in the battle between the reported frontrunners, you’re likely sweating. But why all the fuss? Plenty of celebrities have given their children the royal treatment without so much as a thought to lineage, knighthood, or gene pools.

  • King Harris

    [Photo Credit: @troubleman31]

  • Prince Fielder

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  • King Justice Taylor

    [Photo Credit: @handsomemurderer]

  • Barron Trump

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  • Count Bonaduce

    [Photo Credit: @TheDoochMan]

  • Duke Keaton

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  • Jermajesty Jackson

    [Photo Credit: Getty Images]

  • Prince Michael I and Prince Michael II Jackson

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  • Princess Tiaamii

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As we await the big reveal of the royal baby’s precious name, we wanted to spotlight the famous folks who went around standard practices of the monarchy and dubbed their offspring with a moniker befitting of someone poised to rule a small country (or technically 15). From Prince Michael I and Prince Michael II, to King, Princess, and Duke, check out some of the most posh celebrity children who lack a direct connection to the throne.

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[Photo Credit: Getty Images; @troubleman31]