Hunter Parrish, Where Are You?

Weeds fans can get a tiny Nancy Botwin fix in R.I.P.D., in which Mary-Louise Parker plays a foxy police chief of the afterlife. But whither her on-screen son, Hunter Parrish, who once taught us the true meaning of the word “cougar”? He was rumored to be up for Peeta in the Hunger Games — along with a dozen other popular roles we’ve fantasy cast since Weeds ended last year.

Parker seemed just as eager for Hunter to do big things as we are. She had just spoken to him two days before she sat down with VH1.

“He was going to be doing something that fell through, so I’m not sure what he’s doing now,” she told us. “I think people have no idea how talented he is. His talent is bottomless to me. I saw it in ways that a lot of people didn’t, because he wasn’t always showcased very much, but he’s incredibly talented. Beautiful voice, incredible singer. He’s awesome.”

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Sure, he’s been having his fun on Broadway in Spring Awakening and Godspell, and he released an EP called Guessing Games last year. But this is not enough for those of us who demand him on screen. Do you hear that, casting directors? Now get to it.