Kate Beckinsale Does Not Age: 40 Pictures Proving It On Her 40th Birthday

So, maybe I’m the only one here who wore out my VHS tape of Much Ado About Nothing as a kid. In the Kenneth Branagh Shakespeare adaptation, the world first met fresh-faced English rose Kate Beckinsale, who played Hero opposite Robert Sean Leonard. Twenty years later, we’re looking at photos of the actress and cannot believe that she’s turning 40 today. Maybe that vampire gig in the Underworld movies was more than an act. Or maybe she’s had a little help. See for yourself.

  • Kate-Beckinsale-1-93

  • much-ado-mgm-93

  • Kate-Beckinsale-1-95

  • Kate-Beckinsale-6-99

  • Kate-Beckinsale-12-01

  • Kate-Beckinsale-3-02

  • Kate-Beckinsale-3-04

  • Kate-Beckinsale-4-04

  • Kate-Beckinsale-5-04

  • Kate-Beckinsale-6-04

  • Kate-Beckinsale-5-04-ny

  • Kate-Beckinsale-6-04-mtv

  • The-Aviator-04

  • Kate-Beckinsale-11-04

  • Kate-Beckinsale-12-04

  • Kate-Beckinsale-12-05

  • Kate-Beckinsale-1-06

  • Kate-Beckinsale-0106

  • Kate-Beckinsale-1-2006

  • Kate-Beckinsale-6-12

  • Snow-Angels-07

  • Kate-Beckinsale-9-07

  • Kate-Beckinsale-1-09

  • Kate-Beckinsale-2-09

  • Kate-Beckinsale-11-09

  • Kate-Beckinsale-May-2010

  • Kate-Beckinsale-5-10

  • Kate-Beckinsale-2-06

  • underworld-awakening-12

  • Kate-Beckinsale-1-12

  • Kate-Beckinsale-6-12-la

  • Kate-Beckinsale-8-12

  • Kate-Beckinsale-6-12-uk

  • Kate-Beckinsale-6-12-mtv

  • Total-Recall-12

  • Kate-Beckinsale-2-13

  • Kate-Beckinsale-4-13

  • Kate-Beckinsale-7-12-sdcc

  • Kate-Beckinsale-5-13

  • Kate-Beckinsale-5-13-la

Seriously, I had a hard time sorting these photos in chronological order, because Kate in 2001 looks JUST LIKE Kate two months ago. If she had any help from a surgeon, that surgeon needs to teach lessons to all of the surgeons in the world. And then give me a call. I just realized how long ago Much Ado About Nothing came out.

Happy Birthday, Kate!

[Photos: Getty Images]