The 25 Most Awesomely Bad Examples Of Facial Hair In Movie History

Porn ’staches, grizzly beards, muttonchops and peach fuzz…there’s a lot that can go wrong when you’re talkin’ about facial hair. Thankfully razors help most of us guys avoid those traps. But some film roles force actors to let some truly tragic facial fungi run rampant across their famous mugs!

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Whether tiny like Matt Dillon’s thin pencil mustache in There’s Something About Mary, all the way up to Joaquin Phoenix’s out of control birds-nest in I’m Still Here, some unshaven looks unintentionally steal the show. Case in point, the posters and previews for Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine. To judge by his serious sideburns, the movie appears to chronicle the adventures of a particularly lethal Civil War re-enactor! So a note to all actors out there: Please proceed with caution when you’re feelin’ fuzzy.

Head down to the gallery below for 25 of the most unfortunate (read: ugly) examples of facial hair in movie history!

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