First Dibs: Are Miranda Kerr’s ‘Boys’ The Cutest Things On Earth?

What was so “bizarre” about Peter Sarsgaard’s sex scene in Very Good Girls? Is Ben Foster going to play Lance Armstrong on film? Is Iron Man 4 up next in the Marvel film universe?

  • Miranda Kerr’s two little ’boys’ might be the cutest things on earth. Her son, Flynn, was all smiles during a walk in Central Park and her dog, Frankie, was completely content to sit in Flynn’s lap for the entire time. [Daily Mail]
  • Peter Sarsgaard found filming his sex scene with Dakota Fanning in Very Good Girls to be “bizarre, totally bizarre.” Not only because the sex scene was with former child star Fanning, but also because his mother-in-law was directing the scene. [E! online]
  • Ben Foster is in talks to play Lance Armstrong in a fancy biopic about the cyclist’s life. [Hollywood Reporter]
  • What’s next for the Marvel universe? Well, after Guardians of the Galaxy, we’ll see Ant-Man, Doctor Strange and Avengers 3, but no Iron Man 4. [MTV News]

[Photo Credit: Splash News]