True Blood WTF: Eric Crying Is The Worst Crying

Just so you know it was Comic-Con-related illness, not mourning over Terry Bellefleur, that had me skipping this True Blood list last week. I’m also blaming my fever for the tears I shed over poor Terry. I’m fully onboard with the show’s plan to trim the storyline fat, but is assassination the only answer? How about just fading gracefully into the background from whence they came? Anyway, I almost made every single WTF moment from this episode another image of Eric crying, but I restrained myself. Here are the top five:

1. Sobbing Eric. Yes, we saw him break down when Godric met the sun, but watching Eric weep with Nora’s goo in his arms was downright devastating. I’m kind of afraid this is going to unhinge the Viking for good. Which is weird, considering we never heard of Nora before last season.

2. Sarah Newlin’s Weekend at Bernie’s Domination Plan. TV Line beat me to that comparison, but it is the perfect way to describe her proposal to keep the governor’s death a secret so she can continue exterminating vampires without interference from a less militant lieutenant governor. The WTF of all this to me is why the props department couldn’t make that severed head look more realistic.

3. Vamp Camp Confusion. Nice guy James got a cracked fang for not raping Jessica, and I know we’re supposed to think this is the worst thing ever, but they treat that as worse than the fact that they’re all going to die via terrible Hep V. I’m confused about how this place works — they’re in lockdown, but somehow Jason can get Jessica in a fancy conference room by herself? And no one’s monitoring Pam and her shrink? And all anyone needs to do to get out is sever someone’s arm and use it for the locks? This is not really a great security system they’ve got going on here.

4. Werewolves Bla Bla Bla. First, WTF again, Nicole and Sam, for your sexytime after all your friends die. Second, Alcide, you shoulda quit this nasty pack thing while you could. They’re just kidnapping ladies for fun at this point. But does anyone care anymore? What a waste of Jurnee Smollett-Bell. This entire storyline needs to be exterminated.

5. R.I.P., Terry’s Terrible Idea. First, it really sucks that he left Arlene a life insurance policy but no note. Second, IRL, I think insurance companies tend to investigate mysterious deaths that happen three days after a $2 million policy is taken out. So, yeah, that’s going to be fun for Arlene to deal with. (OMG, please don’t do a whole insurance company plot now, True Blood.)

Yeah, I seem to be complaining a lot, but I do like the pacing of this episode. Looks like everything is coming to a WTF-tastic conclusion in a few weeks, and I’m very (deliciously) worried about the upcoming death toll. Bring it on!

[Photos: HBO]