False Advertising: 10 Celebrities Who Clearly Aren’t Buying What They’re Selling

Some celebrity endorsements are genius. Like, we’re certain Taylor Swift sips Diet Coke and wears Keds on the regular or that Michael Fassbender would swim across the Atlantic Ocean for a pint of Guinness, but are we honestly supposed to believe that Ellen Page is an avid fan of Cisco computers, Gwyneth Paltrow buys processed frozen peas or that Rachel Bilson actually eats ice cream?

Here are 10 celebrity endorsement deals and commercials that leave us thinking, “Yeah right…”

Justin Timberlake and Bud Light Platinum

Sure, this slick and sultry commercial for Bud Light Platinum looks like a sequel to Justin Timberlake’s “Suit & Tie” music video, but there’s one big problem: Justin Timberlake is not a Bud Light kind of guy. The person who rolls with Hova and sips scotch is not the same person who drinks like a frat boy bro. We can totally buy that fans of JT would be fans of Bud Light Platinum, but we can’t believe for one second that anything Bud is Justin’s drink of choice at the club.

Not to mention the fact that Justin NEVER drinks Bud Light Platinum in the entire commercial.

[Photo Credit: Getty Images, Aveeno, Nespresso, SPAR Veggies]

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