Last Lap: Did Someone Break Into The Kardashians’ Home?

What would Jennifer Aniston tell her younger self? Kristen Bell isn’t worried about her post-baby body, and we get a peek from David O. Russell’s American Hustle.

  • An online video appears to show Kim Kardashian, Kris Jenner, and others on alert at their home as they try to ward off a trespasser. Kris actually takes off running, perhaps trying to apprehend an overzealous photographer. [The Hollywood Gossip]

  • Kristen Bell is in no rush to get rid of the weight she gained while being pregnant. She’s much more concerned about how she’ll balance being a mom with her busy work schedule. And just so you know, she looks fabulous! [Us Magazine]
  • Jennifer Aniston opens up about her mind state in years past, saying she would tell her thirty-something self to head to therapy. The actress says she now realizes she could choose to be happy instead of dwelling on old things, which has led her to her to being content. [Daily Mail]
  • The con artist tale American Hustle heads to theaters in December, but fans can now get a look at Bradley Cooper and Christian Bale rocking some interesting clothing. [MTV Movies Blog]

[Photo Credit: Splash News]