Will Veronica Mars Follow Kristen Bell Into Motherhood?

It felt funny just typing that headline. Though my love for the pint-size P.I. from Neptune High is great, it’s hard to picture her as the warm and cuddly new mom Kristen Bell has become. It’s actually going to be quite interesting to see Bell — who’s been winning our new mama hearts by tweeting pics of her breast pump and declaring she likes her extra baby weight just fine — step back into her character’s rather prickly skin in the 2014 Veronica Mars movie. That’s why we asked VM mastermind Rob Thomas how he thought she’d do as a mother.

“There have been many different versions of the Veronica Mars movie,” Thomas explained to us at the Veronica Mars Samsung Galaxy afterparty at Comic-Con last month. “There was one that I pitched two or three years after we went off the air in which Veronica had just graduated from college. There was one that was kind of spring breaky that I had along the way. There was an FBI idea, and it keeps changing as Kristen Bell gets older.”

Now that Bell and almost everyone else from the original cast except Chris Lowell, Francis Capra and Tina Majorino has had kids since the show went off the air, Thomas has thought about how Veronica would deal with that stage of life.

“I’m interested in seeing if she’s as lenient as her dad is on the show,” he told us. “Her dad let her get away with quite a bit, for being such a great father. I am a father of a daughter, and I love Keith Mars. I hope I’m as close with my daughter as Keith and Veronica. But [my daughter is] not going out to solve murder cases at night.”

Nor, we hope, is little Lincoln Shepard.

BTW, here is a super adorbs video of Ryan Hansen, a.k.a. Dick Casablancas, sharing the Kickstarter news with his daughter.

[Photo: Twitter]