First Kiss! First Love! First Lust! The 20 Most Epic Teen Romances Of All Time

The Spectacular Now opens in theaters today and critics are already praising it as one of the best teen movies of the year and touting Sutter Keely (Miles Teller) and Aimee Finicky’s (Shailene Woodley) love story as one of the best teen romances of all time. That’s a tall order, and we hope that Sutter & Aimee join Kurt & Blaine, Bella & Edward and Noah & Allie on our list of the 20 Most Epic Teen Romances Of All Time.

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  • blair-chuck

  • endlesslove

  • edwardscissorhands

  • TheBlueLagoon

  • sixteencandles

  • veronica-logan

  • kurt-blaine

  • firstdibs511

  • cory-topanga

  • kevin-winnie

  • rebelwithoutacause

  • jordan-angela

  • maria-tony

  • sandydanny

  • walktoremember

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  • edward-bella

  • notebook

  • romeo-juliete

There’s no love quite like teen love. Every glance, every touch, every kiss and every vow is the first one and therefore the most powerful. Some teen romances are doomed from the start, whereas others are meant to last forever.

The 20 love stories on our list are brimming with so much passion, yearning and naivete that they’ve left their marks on us forever.

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