The 10 Most Successful Stars Of The Skins Franchise

Teenage drama is common fodder for TV serials, but somehow when Skins showed up on Britain’s E4 in 2007, it was as if they’d recreated the genre. Nothing was off limits; sex, drugs, eating disorders, depression, illness, death, more drugs and a weird Cat Stevens sing-along were all explored with raw, painful realness on the show, complete with relatively unknown actors who were actually the age of the characters they played. And they did so in painfully cool, hipster-ish, thrift store outfits! Really, what’s not to love?

  • Dakota-Blue

  • MItch-Hewer

  • Freya-Mavor

  • Luke-Pasqualino

  • Hannah-Murray

  • Jack-O’Connell

  • Joe-Dempsie

  • Kaya-Scodelario

  • Dev-Patel

  • Nick-Hoult

The show’s growing pains were at times awkward — a new “generation” of kids was introduced every two seasons, with certain characters lurking around for all of them, much like its American reality bizarro-doppelganger, Laguna Beach. But that’s what makes the show special: Like its characters, it’s flawed but undeniably lovable. The seventh and final season season revisited three of its most troubled teens — Cassie, Effy and Cook — for a glimpse into their adult lives, and it all ends tonight. As it is with any huge franchise, the show was a launching pad for some of the actors. A few have cracked the A list, while others have slipped back into obscurity. We’ve got the 10 most successful stars of the Skins franchise listed from 10 to 1 in our gallery above. We’re sad to report that neither Nips nor Sid made it, though. Oh, how we wish they did.

[Photos: E4, Getty Images]