First Dibs: Is Megan Fox Pregnant Again?

Why is Simon Cowell in for a shocker of his own from his pregnant girlfriend? Why does indie actress Gaby Hoffman think that Lena Dunham’s not brave? And what are critics as a whole making of Lindsay Lohan’s performance in The Canyons?

  • Megan Fox is pregnant again! Fox and her husband, Brian Austin Green, already have a 10-month-old son, Noah Shannon, but will soon have another addition to their brood. []
  • We were all surprised when it was announced Simon Cowell was expecting a child with socialite Lauren Silverman, and apparently he’s in for a shocker, too. Unlike most of his exes, Silverman wants to be put in the spotlight and is trying to become a reality TV star. []
  • A lot of critics think that Lena Dunham’s decision to go nude onscreen is “brave,” but actress Gaby Hoffman finds that statement “totally condescending and ridiculous. If Angelina Jolie was naked onscreen no one would say she was brave. The implication is that Lena’s brave because she doesn’t look the way she’s supposed to look.” []

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]