Kelly Osbourne Uses Her “Mouth For Something Good Rather Than Talking S!@t” At The 2013 Do Something! Awards

Kelly Osbourne was one of the honorees at the 2013 Do Something! Awards and the award meant a lot to her “because it’s the only time you can tell real people from fake ones in Hollywood.”

She added that it’s so important for young celebrities to stand up and show their fans what they believe in. “You’re famous. You’ve only got one chance at this life. You have an amazing platform. Use your mouth for something good rather than talking s!@t.”

Osbourne was honored at the event for her charity work to help battle multiple sclerosis. Osbourne became interested in the cause when her younger brother, Jack Osbourne, was diagnosed. Since then, she and her family have used their celebrity to draw attention to the cause.

There’s another reason that Kelly is a fan of the Do Something! Awards. She says, “You can tell all the real people from the fake ones in this world when they come to award shows like this. Standing up for things they believe in…fighting for what is right.”

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