Doctor Who Rendezvous: Arthur Darvill Dishes About Meeting David Tennant On The Set Of Broadchurch

The new British crime series, Broadchurch, has all the pathos, intelligence, drama and twists that mystery fans have come to expect from the genre, but it also unites two popular Doctor Who stars for the very first time.

Arthur Darvill just came off a successful run on Doctor Who as beloved companion Rory Williams and co-star David Tennant was one of the most beloved Doctors in the show’s history.  So, naturally, their meeting had to be an auspicious occasion…or was it?

“I’m really awkward on first days,” Darvill explained. “And I kind of went up to David and I was like, ’We probably should have already met. It’s really silly that we haven’t met yet.’ And then he just went, ’Yeah, yeah, that’s true.’ And then we had nothing really else to say to each other for a while.” Darvill added with a giggle, “It’s probably because I’m really awkward.”

Broadchurch itself is a lot darker and bleaker than the adventures in time and space that Darvill and Tennant had while traveling in the T.A.R.D.I.S.

Darvill described Broadchurch as being “about a murder in a small town and how that affects the people in the town. I play the young local vicar who is just kind of trying to make his mark.”

“I’m really proud of it and really pleased that I was given the opportunity to be involved in it because it’s made by and with a really good bunch of very talented people,” enthused Darvill. “It’s just really well-written.

“It’s really upsetting,” he added, “but in a really good way.”

It is indeed.

Broadchurch premieres tonight on BBC America at 10 PM/9 PM C, but you can check the chilling first episode on now.