Olivia Wilde To Olivia Munn: Screen Sirens Seduce Us For 2013 Bikini Awards

Hollywood’s leading ladies work hard to meet our entertainment demands all year long, so naturally they deserve to vacation on the world’s most beautiful beaches. But even on holiday, they’re still working for us as cameras (both their own and the paparazzi’s) capture them in their scantily clad glory. Now it’s time to admire these stars and reward them with your votes in the 2013 Bikini Awards tournament:

Do you lust after Olivia Munn’s surfer booty or Sofia Vergara’s curves? Are you rushing out to buy Michelle Rodriguez’s sexy nude two-piece or Jessica Pare’s retro look? Do you show Jessica Alba’s, Olivia Wilde’s or Julianne Hough’s pics to your personal trainer? Does seeing Kate Beckinsale ignite your Underworld fantasies? Does fantasizing about Zooey Deschanel make you feel dirty? Do you wonder if Jennifer Aniston and Cameron Diaz made some deal with the devil to look that good?

Enough with the questions. Enjoy the photos and vote! The poll for this round closes at 11 pm ET on August 13.

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[Photos: Splash News Online, WhoSay, Twitter]