Picture Matt Damon Letting His Daughter Drum On His Head

This is another one of those posts that probably doesn’t need words, except for me to explain that I asked Matt Damon how his daughters reacted when they saw him bald and beefy for his role in Elysium. And he obliged with this mental image of baby girl Stella drumming on her dad’s head. After all that cuteness, though, I thought it time for him to get serious and discuss the serious social issues the Neill Blomkamp movie (opening Friday) brings up.

Elysium takes place in the year 2154, when the rich have set up a heavenly satellite utopia where all sickness and injury can be cured with the touch of a button, but the poor and unsavory types are left behind to do the dirty work on Earth. If Damon ran Elysium, I wondered, who would he leave behind?

“Probably some critics,” he laughed. And basically, since Matt really is the nice guy everyone says he is, I had to feed him some more answers to this hypothetically mean question: Politicians? “Quite a few of them. I’d be able to count on one hand the ones I’d take with me.” Paparazzi? “They can stay here on Earth.” The Real Housewives? “Again, I’d be able to count on one hand the reality shows that would come.”

Does Jimmy Kimmel get a ticket?

“Jimmy Kimmel’s gotta stay.”

[Photo: Sony Pictures]