15 Reasons Why 2014 Is Going To Be Hairy For Film

The 2013 summer blockbuster season is not even over and we are already concerned about what’s in store for 2014. Here’s why: hair. Everyone, from Bradley Cooper to Jennifer Aniston, has recently been spotted on set sporting questionable dos, wigs, and bad dye jobs that makes us worried. It looks like 2014 is going to be the year of the wig so just brace yourself for the some of the most awful hair coming to a screen near you.

1. Christian Bale looks like he lost his mind with an awful comb over in American Hustle, which comes out at the end of 2013 and will kick start the bad hair in 2014.

2. Bradley Cooper sports some major jerry curls in the same film, which makes us wonder if he pissed off his stylist on set. 

3. Jeremy Renner, who got coiffed, may have the best of the worst hair in this film.

4. Finally, the always-pretty Jennifer Lawrence falls victim to the same film with too many weaves that makes her hair look drunk.

5. Unfortunately, J-Law’s hair doesn’t fair any better in X-Men: Days Of Future Past (5/23/14), though her bodysuit makes up for it.

6. James McAvoy also suffers with some shaggy locks that look more dog than psychedelic.

7. Peter Dinklage fairs a bit better though that villainous mustache is not doing him any favors.

8. Kathryn Hahn also sports some drunk hair in Squirrels To The Nuts, starring Jennifer Aniston.

9. Speaking of… Aniston looks about as happy as we do about her stringy wig in the upcoming film.

10. Like, just maybe don’t.

11. Also getting a little nutty is Katie Holmes with her unkempt hair, which apparently has driven her to talk to squirrels in the upcoming Mania Days.

12. He may be smiling but we’re not too happy with Chris Pine’s ponytail and stringy grey beard in the indie budget thriller, Stretch.

13. Naomi Watts gets the bad dye treatment in St. Vincent de Van Nuys, co-starring Bill Murray and Melissa McCarthy.

14. We are not even sure what to make of Channing Tatum’s golden look in Jupiter Ascending. Let’s hope his shirt comes off. A lot.

15. Finally, Anne Hathaway is going to make us suffer with that bob of hers in Song One just so she can remind us she shaved her head in Les Miz.

Next year: fans weep everywhere, while vengeful hairstylists secretly grin.

[Photos: SplashNews.com]