Working 9 To 5: Our Favorite Television Office Buddies

Last night’s premiere of Breaking Bad reunited us with Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, two unexpected business partners who’ve managed to change the drug culture in the American southwest (and beyond) over the course of five seasons. Working together has given meth heads the purest blue product, and television audiences the enjoyment of seeing a co-dependent relationship go through a series of highs (no pun intended) and very low lows.

  • Homeland

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  • Sherlock

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  • Glee

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  • Parks and Recreation

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  • Breaking Bad

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  • Mad Men

  • 30 Rock

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  • The Wire

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  • The Office

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  • Law & Order: SVU

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  • Gilmore Girls

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  • Frasier

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  • The Mary Tyler Moore Show

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Let’s be honest: the working world is tough, and those long hours and underappreciated efforts can only be made more tolerable with a decent crew of people you’d like to go for a taste–be it whiskey or waffles–with after punching out. From Baltimore police detectives to Pawnee Parks Department employees and quaint inn owners, the “office” has been a memorable backdrop for many complex relationships on the small screen. Click through for a collection of our favorites and decide who you could stand to share a cubicle with, and whose calls you’d send straight to voicemail.

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