Teenage Wasteland: The 15 Worst Outfits At The 2013 TCAs

Everyone makes mistakes when they’re teens, but too many of the stars at last night’s Teen Choice Awards looked like fashion wastelands. From J. Woww’s disco mafia bridal gown to Pitch Perfect’s Hana Mae Lee’s off-pitch cry for attention, these 15 looks had us running for the hills.

  • jwoww

  • brittanysnow

  • nayarivera

  • ChelseaKane

  • haileesteinfeld

  • nickjonas

  • hollandroden

  • ryannewman

  • annacamp

  • maitlandward

  • abigailbreslin

  • NicoleAzarian

  • hayleywilliams1

  • hayleywilliams2

  • hanamaelee

One doesn’t want to be too cruel to the celebrities on this list. I mean, after all, they’re still young and naive and haven’t learned about fit yet. Then again, even the youngest and most precocious celebs at the Teen Choice Awards come with their own entourages of stylists and stage moms. At some point, someone has tell these kids, “Don’t you dare leave the house looking like THAT.” We just feel that someone should be us.

That goes double for the full grown adults who wound up on our list. We’re looking at you, Maitland Ward.

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]