First Dibs: Did Angelina Jolie & Jennifer Aniston Have An Awkward Encounter?

What made Jennifer Garner break down in tears in front of Halle Berry? Is Tina Fey returning to NBC? What gave Captain America: The Winter Soldier star Anthony Mackie little “wiggle” room on set?

  • Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie were scheduled to fly the same first class flight from Los Angeles to London on Sunday, but Aniston changed her flight. Clearly everyone thinks it was to avoid Angelina. [US Magazine]
  • Halle Berry and Jennifer Garner both testified yesterday at the California State Capitol on behalf of a bill that would prevent paparazzi from harassing their children. Berry shared a story about how her daughter was taunted by the paps and Garner broke down in tears. [ABC News]
  • Tina Fey is returning to television as a producer. NBC has bought a female-centered office comedy written by 30 Rock scribe Colleen McGuinness and produced by Fey and co-showrunner Robert Carlock. [Deadline]
  • Captain America: The Winter Soldier is going to be a decidedly old-school action flick with live action stunts. Which is great, but it meant that star Anthony Mackie had little “wiggle” room. [MTV News]

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]