The 5 Craziest Things On Last Night’s Pretty Little Liars: “The Mirror Has Three Faces”

One of the craziest things about Pretty Little Liars is simply how crazy it is. It boldly eschews logic and reason in favor of ludicrous plot twists and questionable fashion statements. Also, I didn’t read two-thirds of Ulysses in college and wrote an A paper on the tome. If I miss 30 seconds of this show, I’m hopelessly lost.

It’s fantastic.

Last night’s episode of Pretty Little Liars, “The Mirror Has Three Faces,” was particularly crazy. How crazy? We’re counting down the top 5 craziest moments.

5) Mona

Mona is pretty crazy. She’s currently in a psychiatric ward (right?) and she might be plotting the downfall of four girls via framing herself for murder. I don’t know how any of that works out. In my day, if you didn’t like other girls you went to school with, you just made a silent pact to do better than them in life. Mona seems to be going in the opposite direction.

Also slightly crazy? Her Hannibal Lecter-like mind games with her shrink, who may or may not also be crazy.

However, the craziest thing about Mona is that she somehow has access to lip gloss and a straightening iron in prison.

4) Emily moves in to Allison’s old room.

Sure, on paper, it makes logical sense: Emily is currently homeless (because Allison or one of Allison’s friends possibly drove an SUV through her house). Allison’s mom has a spare room because her daughter Allison is (probably) dead. Emily should move into her dead BFFs room (and spy on Allison’s mom for clues about Allison).

Wait, no. That makes no logical sense.

Look, I grew up in a room where someone had died, but my grandma died of old age and wasn’t possibly still alive and trying to set me and my friends up for murder.

If you want to walk into a lion’s den and then sleep in a lion’s bed, you might want to know for sure if the lion is alive or not. And sure, maybe sleeping in a lion’s bed and waiting to see if he comes to eat you is a way to find out, but a better way is to never enter the lion’s den, move along and find someplace less conducive to your death.

Does that make any sense? No. Neither does anything about this plot. Know why? Because Allison’s mom has a couch Emily could sleep on.

Don’t sleep on a dead person’s sheets if you don’t have to.

3) Everyone Might Be Crazy

Can we talk about how crazy it is that everyone on this show seems to have some mental illness or tie to mental illness or is Caleb, everyone’s favorite discount Jacob Black?

More people go to the mental hospital on this show than to the gym, and while I don’t think it’s cool to mock the mentally ill, there’s something crazy about the amount of crazy on this show.

Spencer was crazy. Hanna’s mom is acting crazy. Mona is crazy. Allison was crazy. Allison’s friend CeCe was crazy. Multiple people have been crazy enough to get masks of their faces made. Someone is crazy enough to live in a shack and make masks of people’s faces for a living. Allison’s mom has crazy anger issues. Toby’s mom was crazy. Toby’s mom’s doctor is crazy. Mona’s current doctor is possibly crazy. Aria isn’t crazy, but she is dating someone who works in a dojo. There’s a lot of crazy.

I’m at the point where I’m anticipating the series finale will reveal that the entire show was the hallucination of Tobey Maguire  as Nick Carraway in a 1930s sanitarium.

2) How Cute This Sweater Is

It’s literally insane how adorable this sweater is.


1) Someone’s Been Living Like A Raccoon!

Just when you thought this show couldn’t get weirder, someone has been living like a raccoon in Allison’s mom’s basement. And there are bullet holes (???) in the ceiling/floorboards.


I quit. This show is super crazy.

[Photo Credit: ABC Family]

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