Quacking Up: 20 Pics Of Intense Celebrity Duck Faces

A few years back, a strange phenomenon seemed to take over the entertainment world. It suddenly looked like gorgeous starlettes had all sucked on something painfully tart. Or maybe they were half-assing a kiss. Or perhaps they were simply learning how to whistle. We couldn’t be sure. But over time, this strange pursed lips look became known to one and all as: the Duck Face.

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It took the red carpets first, becoming just as ubiquitous as haute couture, high heals, and the age-old question “What are you wearing?” It died away for a short while, but then with the advent of Twitter and Instagram it came back in full force, being everyone’s default face for “selfies”. We’re not totally sure why that is. In theory, it’s supposed to be flattering; showing off one’s cheekbones and making  lips look fuller. But…yeah, no. It still makes you look like a duck. From Disney Princesses like Lindsay Lohan, Vanessa Hudgens and Miley Cyrus to,supermodels like Adriana Lima and Miranda Kerr, we’ve decided to round up the twenty most frequent duck-face offenders. Enjoy!

[Photo: Twitter]

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