Flipping The Script: 15 Of The Most Memorable Celebrity Interviews

With Lindsay Lohan’s much publicized sit-down with Oprah Winfrey airing tonight, we can’t wait to find out what juicy tidbits we’ll be talking about tomorrow. As we know, interviews with celebrities can be unbelievably revealing — sometimes with unexpected results.

  • Paula Deen

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  • Gary Coleman

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  • Paris Hilton

    [Photo Credit: CNN]

  • Lady Gaga

    [Photo Credit: CBS]

  • Sarah Palin

    [Photo Credit: CBS]

  • R. Kelly

    [Photo Credit: BET/Getty Images]

  • Tom Cruise

    [Photo Credit: NBC]

  • Paula Abdul

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  • Chris Brown

    [Photo Credit: ABC]

  • Britney Spears

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  • Charlie Sheen

    [Photo Credit: NBC]

  • Mel Gibson

    [Photo Credit: Getty Images/WGN]

  • Kanye West

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  • Whitney Houston

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  • Michael Jackson

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Check out our gallery of some unforgettable moments featuring celebs in the hot seat. Could LiLo be about to join the club?

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