Last Lap: What Will Happen In Glee‘s Tribute Episode For Cory Monteith?

Why is Kim Kardashian beefing with Katie Couric? Andy Samberg stands up for women in comedy, and critics weigh in on Lee Daniels’ The Butler.

  • Glee’s creator Ryan Murphy opened up about what fans can expect in the tribute episode for late cast member Cory Monteith. It sounds like the episode will strike a healthy balance between dealing with grief and celebrating life. [Deadline]
  • Following an interview where Katie Couric remarked that the Kardashians’ appeal doesn’t go much further than the teenage set, Kim Kardashian posted a pic of the newswoman’s baby gift to her. Kim also claimed Katie was a “fake media friend” who talks “s—t.” [E!]
  • According to Andy Samberg, sexism is still a scourge in the comedy business. The actor blames narrow-minded men for perpetuating the myth that women can’t deliver comedic brilliance. [Daily Mail]
  • Is Lee Daniels’ The Butler compelling enough to get your money this weekend? Read what the critics have to say. [MTV]

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