First Dibs: Is Jenny McCarthy Still Dating Donnie Wahlberg?

What did Prince William reveal about baby Prince George? Who wants to fund Woody Allen’s next movie? Did Kick-Ass 2 kick Lee Daniel’s The Butler’s ass at the box office?

  • Looks like Jenny McCarthy’s romance with Donnie Wahlberg is still going strong. McCarthy was spotted singing his praises while buying a ton of underwear for herself and Wahlberg at the Fashion Outlets of Chicago this weekend. [People]
  • Prince William sat down for his first television interview since becoming a dad and revealed that little Prince George is a “rascal.” William also shared that he changed the first diaper. [Daily Mail]
  • The mayor of Rio De Janiero has offered to foot the bill for Woody Allen’s next film if it’s shot locally. So, look out for Woody Allen’s next film, Midnight at Carnival. [Deadline]
  • Kick-Ass 2 did not kick ass at the box office this weekend. The action flick came in fourth place at the box offices, while Lee Daniel’s The Butler took the top spot. [MTV News]

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]