Happy Birthday, Andrew Garfield! 10 Reasons Why You’re A Superhero In Real Life

With a knack for giving buzzworthy interview quotes and making skillful sartorial choices for sidewalk strolls, Andrew Garfield has an undeniable likeability that goes far beyond his performances on stage (Death of a Salesman) and screen (The Social Network). And being a person everyone wants to be around pays off, doing big things for the greater good whether it be your work day email chain or those in need.The adorable Brit turns 30 today–are those spidey senses tingling yet?–and so to celebrate his milestone, and at least attempt to make the wait for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 a little shorter, here are 10 reasons why we think he’s a superhero in real life.

1. He takes his acting roles very seriously.

Andrew was so excited to talk about Spider-Man at this year’s Comic-Con, he attended his panel in costume. Talk about knowing your audience.

2. He takes public transportation.

With New York traffic and pollution as bad as it is, it’s nice to see some considerate folks do a little something for Mother Earth.

3. He knows how important it is to encourage children to be active.

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