30 Celebrities Flaunt Their Body Piercings

Personally, we’re extremely nervous around needles. We’ve fainted every single time we’ve had to get blood drawn, and once it was just at the mere mention of having to get poked. So it always blows us away when folks voluntarily get pierced….just because we’d never in a million years be able to do it, ourselves!

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We’ve heard that getting your ears shot up isn’t too terrible, but there are folks (famous folks, at that!) who get it done in all sorts of places. Amanda Bynes famous showed off her cheek studs via Twitter earlier this year, but some celebs are a little less overt about their body art. Drew Barrymore’s tongue piercing only comes out when she’s surprised (or yawning), and Beyonce’s belly-ring only comes out at the beach! Rihanna’s slightly more scandalous chest piercings, well… they sometimes come out during some of her wardrobe risks. How do these people do it? Doesn’t it hurt?! It boggles our mind.

Today we’ve decided to pay tribute to these brave  souls by rounding up our list of 30 celebrities with really unique piercings. Enjoy!


[Photo: Getty Images/Twitter/H&M/Splash News]

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