Yee Haw!: The 5 Best Moments From Pretty Little Liars: “Bring Down The Hoe”

I know what you’re thinking, Pretty Little Liars fans. Last night’s episode was fantastic! Sure, we finally got closer to catching CeCe and we have a witness to Officer Wildon’s murder that exonerates Hanna’s mom. Ezra and Aria got close again. Oh, and A might be trying to frame Toby! But most importantly, THERE WAS A HOEDOWN.

Here are the top five best moments from last night’s episode/the hoedown.

1) Hanna Wore A Picnic Table Cloth

She looks good enough to eat off of.

2) There Was A Dance Number

“Everybody have fun tonight! Everybody HOEDOWN tonight!

3) Dojo Guy Remains Hot

Not much else to say. He’s a master of the Eastern martial arts and the Western grapevine.

4) There Was An Adorable Lesbian Dance Sequence

Hey, this show is just like Glee! Only less gleeful!

5) Emily’s Bra Was Showing

I’m just excited by this because next time a button on my blouse accidentally pops open, I can just say I’m emulating the fashion trends of the youths.

Tune next week for the “Summer Finale” where there are going to be reveals, bombshells and I’m assuming more obnoxiously confusing red herrings.

I just hope the parrot comes back!

[Photo Credit: ABC Family; Gif Credit: Tumblr]