Watch Out, K.Michelle! Claudia Jordan Means Business In The Bikini Awards

  • Claudia8

    [Photo: Raquel Rischard]

  • Claudia Jordan

    [Photo: Nadia Pandolfo, courtesy Claudia Jordan]

  • Claudia2

    [Photo: Alfredo Perchinenna courtesy of Claudia Jordan]

  • Claudia Jordan

    [Photo courtesy Claudia Jordan]

  • Claudia6

    [Photo: Raquel Rischard]

OK, with an album at the top of the R&B charts this week, K.Michelle might have a couple of other things on her mind, but we’re here to warn her that the 2013 VH1 Bikini Awards wait for no one. Her opponent in this semifinal round, model, TV host and Celebrity Apprentice alumna Claudia Jordan has taken this opportunity to rally more support by sending us some extra photos.

We’re upping the stakes, too. There are more where these five came from, but we won’t show them off unless Claudia makes it to the finals on Monday.

Vote for Claudia or K.Michelle — and Jennie Garth or Olivia Munn in the other semifinal matchup — by 11 pm ET on Sunday, August 25.