Olivia Munn Vs. Claudia Jordan: The Bikini Awards Finals Are Here!

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    [Photo: Britany Brittoh]

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Of course, all the participants in the 2013 VH1 Bikini Awards were sizzling hot and deserving of your votes, but we are both thrilled and a little bit surprised about this year’s final matchup: model/host/reality TV vet Claudia Jordan vs. actress Olivia Munn. The devotion of these ladies’ fans is fierce! They trounced K.Michelle and Jennie Garth in the semifinals. So how will they do against each other?

Claudia has been motivating her base by tweeting about the tournament and personally emailing us photos that prove she’s in it to win it. This round has five entirely new (to us!) photos. Olivia, meanwhile, has a good archive of sexy magazine covers, plus a memorable history of getting the geek culture all hot and bothered.

We’re amped to see how this all turns out. Polls will close at 9 am ET on Friday (August 30).

[Photos: Alfredo Perchinenna courtesy of Claudia Jordan, Getty Images]