Pass The Relish: Guess These Celebrity Hot Dog Legs!

There’s a new trend sweeping the social media stream, and it’s called the hot-dog leg selfie! OK, it’s not exactly a new phenomenon to take a shot of your own bare legs jutting in front of you while kickin’ it at the beach or by a pool, but they’re definitely on the upswing thanks to the hilarious (and hilariously accurate) new Tumblr that gives the pose it’s name.

Sure, many of us have been guilty of flaunting our beachside vacays via Twitter and Instagram, but celebs are particularly frequent offenders. In fact, we’re pretty sure we can recognize them just based on their leg selfies alone! To prove it, we’ve put together a little quiz to test out our celebrity hot dog leg knowledge. Read on and see how you do!

Whose legs are going Into The Blue? (*hint hint*)

[Photo: Instagram/Getty Images]

It’s Jessica Alba!

These hot dog legs are no stranger to the catwalk. Can you guess who they belong to?

[Photo: Instagram/Getty Images]

It’s Rosie Huntington-Whiteley!

Which supermodel mama is shown here?

[Photo: Instagram/Getty Images]

It’s Heidi Klum!

Who went heavy on the tanning oil?

[Photo: Instagram/Getty Images]

It’s Chrissy Teigen!

Which diva is taking the day off for some R&R?

[Photo: Instagram/Getty Images]

It’s Kelly Rowland!

Who’s got the mini umbrella in her drink?

[Photo: Instagram/Getty Images]

It’s Lauren Conrad!

Who took her hot dog legs to a strip club?

[Photo: Instagram/Getty Images]

It’s Rihanna! But of course…

Which member of a famous family is lounging poolside?

[Photo: Instagram/Getty Images]

It’s Kendall Jenner!

Who brought some tropical treats to go with her hot dog legs?

[Photo: Instagram/Getty Images]

It’s Minka Kelly!

Who’s one-and-a-half hot dog legs are these?

[Photo: Instagram/Getty Images]

It’s Nicky Hilton!

[Photo: Twitter]

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