VOTE: What Does Last Night’s Pretty Little Liars Shocker Even Mean!?!?!

If you watched last night’s summer finale for Pretty Little Liars, you finally found out who “A” is. Or did you? Or did I? Or did something else happen?

Guys, what actually happened?!?!?


So, I know the girls were led by a girl in a red coat who was not CeeCee to what appeared to be A’s lair. And I know that later on, a man arrived at the lair and was pissed off to discover that the girls had obviously been there. And I know that the man who is probably A is Ezra.

Or do I?

Is it possible that Ezra isn’t A? Or is it very clear and obvious that Aria has been wasting her high school years swooning over a sociopath?

Since I’m not the biggest Pretty Little Liars expert, I leave it to you to let me know what the hell is going on.

VOTE for what the ending of last night’s Pretty Little Liars means!

What Does The Twist Ending On Last Night’s Pretty Little Liars EVEN MEAN!?!?!?

Also, please let me know in the comments section what you think they’re going to do with Tippy The Parrot’s character when they come back next season!

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