Secret Spokesmodels: Guess The Celebs Who Voiced These Ads

These stars have had their faces pasted all over billboards and tabloids, but occasionally they hide their gorgeous complexions from the masses. This includes the dashing George Clooney, the hilarious Ty Burrell and so many others. We’ve got ads from 15 big celebrities who’ve concealed their identities for popular commercials. Can you peg the famous voices?

Antonio Banderas – Nasonex 

Now try your luck on this TV star…
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John Corbett – Walgreens

Jon Hamm – Mercedes-Benz

Julia Roberts – Nationwide Insurance

Lisa Kudrow – Yoplait

Matt Damon – TD Ameritrade

Morgan Freeman – Visa

Patrick Dempsey – State Farm

Paul Giamatti – Liberty Mutual Insurance

Sean Connery – Level 3 Communications

Tim Allen – Pure Michigan

Ty Burrell – Verizon FiOS

Wanda Sykes – Applebee’s

Will Arnett – GMC Trucks

George Clooney – Budweiser 

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