The Best BFFs: The 10 Coolest Celebrity Cliques (POLL)

  • bratpack

  • spaced

  • snl grads

  • pussyposse

  • gwyneth

  • apatow

  • clooney

  • kimmel

  • jayz

  • rat pack

In a lot of ways, life never stops being like a high school cafeteria: everyone wants to sit at the cool kids’ table. There are no cooler kids than celebrities and no cooler celebrity cliques than the 10 celebrity cliques on our list.  The only question is “Which one would YOU like to join?”

A clique is about two things: being cool and being exclusive. Not everyone can weasel their way into the cool club, but those who can get into one group of cool friends, can often get into another. Gwyneth Paltrow might hold court in London with pals like Stella McCartney and Liv Tyler, but she also has an open invite into Jay-Z and Queen Bey’s super cool kingdom.

Remember that time you got to party with the class clowns? Jimmy Kimmel and his A-list friends and the Saturday Night Live alums get to laugh like that all the time. No matter how cool the bros at your school thought they were, they couldn’t have possibly been as cool as Leonardo DiCaprio’s self-proclaimed “P*ssy Posse.”

The cliques on our list are all at the head of the class, but which one is the coolest? Which one stole their name from another classic celebrity clique? And which is the one you’d most want to join?

Check them out and then vote for which celebrity clique you’d most want to party down with!

Which Celebrity Clique Would You Most Want To Party With?