Fug You! We Rank The 20 Ugliest Hollywood Alter Egos

  • christina ricci

  • matt damon

  • cameron diaz

  • russellcrowe

  • mariah carey

  • america ferrera

  • ryan gosling

  • nicole kidman

  • christianbale

  • judelaw

  • gerardbutler

  • sharonstone

  • ryanreynolds

  • tom cruise

  • amysedaris

  • emma thompson

  • charlize theron

  • jared leto

  • mike myers

  • andyserkis

Most people want to look their best at all times, but for famous and beautiful actors and actresses to make an impression on the big (and sometimes small) screens, they like to ugly it up. The problem is that some of them just aren’t believable as “ugly people.” So, we’re ranking and celebrating the celebrities who went “full ugly.”

Ryan Gosling has always wanted to run away from the heartthrob label that the Mickey Mouse Club set him up for in his youth. So he frequently tackles projects like Blue Valentine where he makes himself look older or more haggard. The only issue is that no amount of make up or bald caps can make us forget that Ryan Gosling is one of the most handsome men alive.

Likewise, Mariah Carey hoped to impress audiences by showing up in Precious without her blonde hair or her usually made up face, but she only showed that she’s naturally pretty.

Can movie stars ever convince us that they are unattractive ogres and not the talented and graceful gods they are? Well, the 20 actors and actresses on our list tried and while some of their natural beauty shone through, some of them did get quite repulsive.

[Photo Credit: Getty Images/The Weinstein Company/Lionsgate]