15 Pictures of Don Draper Looking Constipated In Season 6 Of Mad Men

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We’re used to seeing Mad Men’s Don Draper as a classy lady killer with a devastating stare, but in this latest season he’s been looking (to borrow a phrase from our own Mark Graham) kinda fugs. Season 6 was a rough one for poor Don, putting him through arguably the most devastating period of his life.  Everything that he’s worked so hard for seems to be slipping away, so it makes sense that a consummate actor like Jon Hamm would want the strain to show on his face — that’s the kind of thing that earns you six Emmy nods! Maybe we’re just immature, but it looks like he’s straining for a different reason. Yes, the expressions meant to convey intense inner conflict look much like more intense intestinal distress. We’ll come out and say it: He looks constipated.

Obviously it’s impossible for a guy like Jon Hamm to look truly bad , but going back through photos from this last season, he always has this strange (and unflattering) expression on his face. Maybe the director just told him to act like he was in dire need of some fiber. Let’s hope Sterling Cooper & Partners lands the Colon Blow account next season. In honor of Jon Hamm’s Emmy nomination, we’ve decided round up just a small smattering of his best constipated expressions.

[Photo: AMC]

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