Greetings From Ibiza! Celebs Send You Postcards From Club Paradise

Fun fact: Ibiza is named after Bes, the Egyptian god of childbirth, humor, dancing and music. So when Spanish tourism honchos try to persuade us that the Balearic Island is about more than just foam parties and BASS, they’re working against ancient history here. But you know what’s probably helping their case? All these celebrities we’ve been spotting doing everything but hitting the legendary night clubs (not that they didn’t also do that, we assume).

Whether it’s models like Doutzen Krous wading in the Mediterranean waters, athletes like Rafael Nadal getting behind the wheel of a boat or actors like Leonardo DiCaprio escaping from a private yacht on a freaking jet pack, these famous people have been living it up in Ibiza. Even Benedict Cumberbatch and Blue Ivy Carter are getting in on the action — the perfect climate, crystal waters and the archeological sites too of course. It’s so nice of them, then, to take a minute to send us some postcards.

[Photos: Splash News Online]