That Time When Julianne Moore Met Her Favorite Basketball Player

Stars from television, screen, and stage came out for the New York premiere of Don Jon, Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s directorial debut about a New Jersey ladies’ man who loves pornography more than the real thing. While the Entertainment Weekly-sponsored event was intended to toast the hardworking team that’s carried the film from Park City to Toronto, it doesn’t mean there wasn’t room for fan-girling–even if it was coming from an Oscar nominee.

Fellow New Yorkers might know that Julianne Moore (who plays Jon’s night school classmate, Esther, in the film) is a diehard Knicks fan–one who is particularly fond of Iman Shumpert. For out-of-towners who need proof, look no further than her Twitter account.

As we watched No. 21 breeze down the red carpet on premiere night, we thought it was only right to fill Moore in on who she might find inside. (Basketball season is just around the corner–maybe these two could talk strategy?) And watching her light up upon hearing her favorite sports hero was just a few feet away? Priceless.

Fortunately, that’s not all that happened…

Yep, our work here is done.

[Photo Credit: Getty Images, @I_Am_Iman]