Adriana, Gus, Boone And More: 10 Actors Who Thrived After Major TV Deaths

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We’ll let you have a few more minutes to sob over [SPOILER withheld]’s death on Breaking Bad. And we’re still reeling over Eric’s fiery end on True Blood. But we’re not too worried about the fate of the actors behind these late, great characters. Sure, they’re technically out of a job, but these untimely ends look great on a resume. Need more reassurance?

Just take a look at how well Ian Somerhalder did after Boone’s mishap on Lost, or that nice Revolution gig Giancarlo Esposito landed following Gus Fring’s run-in with Hector on Breaking Bad. Did you see what happened to Idris Elba after The Wire?Drea de Matteo became infamous after Adriana was whacked on The Sopranos. And reaching back into the cobwebs of our TV memories, Kristin Davis didn’t do too badly for herself after a sad run-in with the Melrose Place pool, either.

Dean Norris has a nice gig on Under the Dome already, but we imagine he’s got even bigger things coming his way. As Breaking Bad nears its end this month, we’re sure the body count will rise — and that could mean good things for the rest of the cast too!

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