Hollywood’s 20 Hottest Foreign (Speaking) Imports

  • daniel bruhl

  • diane kurger

  • alexander skarsgard

  • sofia vergara

  • penelope cruz

  • javier bardem

  • charlize theron

  • marion cottilard

  • lea seydoux

  • mads mikkelsen

  • alicia vikander

  • noomi rapace

  • zhang ziyi

  • nikolaj coster-waldau

  • melanie laurent

  • godfrey gao

  • clemence poesy

  • salma hayek

  • elsa pataky

  • antonio banderas

Hollywood might be in the middle of a mass invasion. Sure, the place is thick with British actors swinging swords in period movies and gruff Aussie hunks saving the day. The transition from their country to ours was a easy, though, because they already spoke the language. The 20 actors on our list started out in far away places speaking a totally different tongue.

Charlize Theron might look like a blond-haired, blue-eyed, corn-fed all-American girl, but she grew up on a South African farm and her first language was Afrikaans. True Blood’s Alexander Skarsgard gets his viking-like stature from the fact that he is actually Swedish and Sofia Vergara’s steaming sex appeal can be owed in part to the fact that she hails from Colombia.

Of course, those are just the established foreign stars. There’s a new wave of insanely talented and outrageously gorgeous actors from abroad who are knocking on Hollywood’s doors. Swedish starlet Alicia Vikander almost stole the show from Keira Knightley in Anna Karenina and Daniel Bruhl is getting Oscar buzz for his two star-making turns in Rush and The Fifth Estate.

Normally, we’d be a bit nervous over any sort of foreign invasion, but the 20 stars on this list are so hot that we willingly surrender.

[Photo Credit: Splash News Online]