Best Week Ever Is Back And Mourning The Death Of Twerking!

Best Week Ever is back! Your favorite funny friends return to the small screen this Friday, September 20 at 10/9 C! Unfortunately, their triumphant return is not without sorrow. For even as the Best Week Ever cast unites once more, they are gathered together to pay their respects to one trend gone too soon…TWERKING.

How did twerking die? Was it of old age? Was it because of some horrific accident involving a frayed rope and a shallow river like in Bridge to Terabithia? Was it simply too good for this world? Alas, none of these things claimed the life of twerking. As Best Week Ever’s Michelle Buteau explains it was all because of Miley Cyrus and a giant foam finger.

After you’ve paid your respects to twerking, be sure to tune in to Best Week Ever this Friday, September 20 at 10/9 C. SET YOUR DVR!