Emmy GIF Booth: TV’s Most Dramatic Actors Caught Having Fun

Don Draper and Walter White are serious men who do serious things with a lot of serious attention. Everything they do is so intense that you forget they are only characters. It even becomes hard to separate the characters from the actors who play them. But we managed to find a few moments when the 2013 Primetime Emmy nominees for outstanding acting in a dramatic role are cutting loose and having fun – you know. reminding us that they are people too.

Bryan Cranston, Breaking Bad

Cranston shares a sweet moment with his Emmy-nominated co-star, Aaron Paul, on the red carpet of the Breaking Bad premiere.

Benedict Cumberbatch, Parade’s End

Our favorite villain makes faces on the red carpet at one of his premieres.

Matt Damon, Behind The Candelabra

Damon gets lucky in the “Matt Damon Booth” on the set of The Colbert Report.

Jeff Daniels, The Newsroom

Daniels gives Jimmy Fallon the Harry Dunne thumbs up when he confirms that he and Jim Carrey are moving forward with a Dumb & Dumber sequel.

Peter Dinklage, Game Of Thrones

Dinklage imitates his personal raven during an interview with Jon Stewart on The Daily Show.

Jon Hamm, Mad Men

Hamm plays dumb when he’s caught snaking on some ice cream on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. But we know he was just hamming it up.

Damian Lewis, Homeland

Lewis shows off his best dances moves on The Jonathan Ross Show. Saucy!

Aaron Paul, Breaking Bad

Paul attempts to bump fists with Breaking Bad creator with Vince Gilligan on a special episode of Mythbusters.

Kevin Spacey, House Of Cards

Unhappy with Stephen Colbert’s prodding, Spacey makes off with his Emmy award.

Ahh, we wish we got to see them this happy (and cutting loose) all the time.