Hannah’s Q-Tip! Walt’s Ricin Vial! The Unsung Inanimate Objects We Feel Deserve Emmys

We’re all for the Emmys awarding the living, breathing humans who make our favorite shows so spectacular — but what about the the unsung heroes? The mega-memorable props that get no love?  Check out TV’s 10 most award-worthy inanimate objects!

  • girlsFINAL

  • scandalFINAL

  • jesspromdressFINAL

  • nuckyFINAL

  • michonneswordFINAL

  • ricinvialFINAL

  • sallyscigaretteFINAL

  • screwdriverFINAL

  • kerirusselFINAL

  • jaimelannisterFINAL

[Photos: HBO, AMC, Fox, FX]