Emmys Exclusive: Connie Britton’s “Dirty Little Secret” Will Surprise You

It’s tough being a mom in Hollywood. Sure, life is luxurious and cushioned by cash, but the constant obsession with “post-baby bodies” and the scrutiny over parenting is relentless at times. We caught up with the Emmy-nominated Connie Britton, beloved actress with perfect hair and mom to toddler Yoby, who had this to say about her experiences as a mom in the spotlight.

“Everyone always says in a cliche way, ’Oh it’s hard to be a mom,’ and when you become a mom you realize ’Oh. Now I get what they meant,'” Connie told us at the Emmys on Sunday. “But the thing is there’s so much joy in it, it doesn’t matter. I think moms should only get love, not scrutiny.”

She also revealed her “dirty little secret” to us, and it’s a surprising one coming from a veteran of such esteemed TV shows as American Horror Story and Friday Night Lights. What is it? You’ll just have to watch our interview to find out.